Wholesale Christmas Lot Supply

Wholesale Christmas Lot Supply

Peak seasons is the number one wholesale Christmas lot supply retailer. Our selection is unbeatable. We offer durable balers, signage, netting, and more to move product off your lot and keep customers happy.

How can I improve my revenue?

There are multiple ways to generate revenue on your tree lot. Signage and efficiency are two of the most critical.

Seasonal stores need signs to stay effective. Your signs upsell products and push popular and unknown products to customers. Create an effective layout and use compelling pictures to captivate audience. Let them know about issues they never thought they had such as fire retardation.

Tree baling to improve Customer Satisfaction

A full 89 percent of customers expect their trees to be baled. Netting helps reduce the number of needles lost on the way home while improving handling.

Tightly packed branches control loss more effectively. They provide a handle for your customers to pick up and move their product. Nothing is more helpful than netting.

For tree lots, baling saves space. This allows you to pack more product into an area, offering more opportunity to sell. Netting is a win-win solution to creating happier customers.

Using a manual baler

Manual balers are the perfect solution for netting. Automation is important. However, a fully electronic tree netting machine can cost upwards of an entire year of revenue at between $5000 and $13500. Specialized parts cost more to repair and replace as well.

Hand-cranked machines are cheaper while still being productive. Kirk provides an easy to use device with less than five parts. This includes clips, a stand, a barrel, and a retarder ring. Each component is easy enough to handle with replacement parts costing less than $50.

The total cost of a Kirk baler is affordable as well. At just over $313 from Peak Seasons, most lots can afford to provide netting for their customers.

How can I take advantage of the holiday season?

The holidays do not just include Christmas. Halloween is just before this major day. Pumpkin patches are significant businesses. The average farm makes $30000 per year with small businesses selling upwards of 500 pumpkins at between $10 and $30 apiece.

Peak Seasons takes care of the entire holiday with signage for your patch. Once the leaves are raked and the solstice approaches, turn your business into a tree lot for even more revenue.

Where can I find Christmas Tree supplies?

Peak Seasons is the premier wholesale Christmas lot supply company with products for Halloween as well. Our company has forty years of experience helping lots turn empty space into profits.

We offer signage, balers, netting, and smaller products such as coloring books to keep your customers happy throughout the holiday season. Upsell with low-cost marketing while providing the service that your clients expect.

Our online store makes supplying your lots and patches easy. We offer the products you need to maximize revenue. Visit our website today to browse our extensive list of durable and captivating products.


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