Tree Flocking Gun

Tree Flocking Gun

When you have tree flocking materials, a tree flocking gun is required to place material on your tree. We provide the ability to create any seen through artificial snow. Whether creating surreal scenery or looking to provide a white Christmas, Peak Seasons offers a range of products suited to your needs.

What is tree flocking?

Flocking is the process of creating texture. Tree flocking uses specialized materials to create a unique look and feel through a typically organic adhesive and cellulose.

Bright oranges, reds, and blues help provide the perfect backdrop for your party or business. Powdery whites create brilliant mountain landscapes in your home.

Movies and television shows use this process to generate wintry scenes in studios. Artists create powerful winters in Hollywood studios in the middle of summer, well before Christmas music starts playing in stores.

Applying tree flocking materials

Colors and glitter are nice. You need a spray gun capable of mixing ingredients and applying them without damage your trees or surroundings.

The Sno-Blower pushes solution gently on to trees to create the perfect scenery. Coat your plant with layers of powder or a dusting of color.

Where can I find industrial-strength flocking machines?

The Might Sno-Blower has a reservoir capable of handling multiple trees. The device separates microfibers into a delicate and even accumulation not unlike a fine snow, creating a landscape no different than Mother Nature.

This powerful device comes fully equipped with a deluxe flock gun, hose, and water hose. It is built entirely in the United States.

Dedicated flock gun

The spray gun on your machine effects pressure and volume. Peak Seasons light weight flock gun is interchangeable with almost any 1.25-inch spray nozzle. A brass and aluminum design provides a heightened level of resilience.

When your vision calls for giant snowflakes, the three-tip head offers flexibility and control. Blizzards leave clumps of snow that this nozzle replicates. Leave your visitors wanting to blow the powder away with this product.

Why should I use a flocking gun instead of a water nozzle?

Water nozzles are designed for one fluid. The holes in this spout are likely to clog or mix colors in undesirable ways. Snow patterns are more difficult to maintain as well. You never obtain the flakes you want.

Flock guns are specifically created to push flocking material. Obtain a smooth and even consistency while spraying multiple trees at once. Commercial tree farms, artists, and even shopping malls use our products.

Where can I find a tree flocking gun?

Peak Seasons provides the equipment that helps you obtain the simulated snow your customers desire. Create snowy winters or paint the town red, orange, or blue with our organic material using the mighty Sno-Blower.

Our flock guns provide control and flexibility. Superior construction ensures that our guns last beyond the holidays.

We offer, guns, hoses, and blowers of multiple size for any need. Browse our offerings through our intuitive and easy to use online platform. Transform your holidays and capture your customers attention with precision layering.


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