Red Bag Flock

Red Bag Flock

Create snow where there was none before. Red bag flock allows you to generate abstract scenes reminiscent of a snowy Christmas. Peak Seasons is the leading distributor of flock across North America, creating your own holiday scenes.

What is flock?

Flock is fake snow made from glucose and other materials such as cotton. Sprayers give you creative power over any Christmas scene. Precisely control

Whether you are in Florida or in a shopping mall in Alaska, any holiday can be filled with powder. Everyone wants a white Christmas from your customers to your children.

Different colored flock

Not every holiday needs to be white. Artificial snow comes in a variety of forms and colors. Red bag flock, orange flock, and even purple flock allow you to generate an artistic wonderland reminiscent of a Doctor Seuss novel.

Nothing gives you more control over your holiday vision than colored artificial snow. Peak Seasons offers 25-pound bags of product at low prices as well as the guns required to perfect your masterpiece.

Create an unparalleled artistic vision

Captivating audiences is more difficult than ever. Ecommerce is slowly overtaking brick and mortar during the holiday season with more a 12 percent stake in the season in 2019. Congregations are shrinking.

Artistic masterpieces help you obtain a broader customer base. A unique centerpiece brings people to your store, tree lot, or church.

Artistic centerpieces increase foot traffic. Outdoing your competition in any setting increases visibility and brings people to your storefront. You may benefit from as much as a 14 percent increase in the number of potential customers visiting your establishment.

How can I avoid a stagnant holiday display?

Mundane displays harm your visibility. As with any form of marketing, people become weary of displays that never change and tend to ignore them. The average consumer is already bombarded with up to 500 advertisements and marketing gimmicks every day.

From billboards to your neighboring store or lot, every establishment and advertisement takes the same approach to the holiday spirit. Red bag flock and other colored artificial snow allows you to take on the world in an entirely new way, with captivating color aimed at gaining limited attention.

Is flock safe?

Even colored flock is safe. Food dye and cotton make up the majority of products. Edible adhesive is used to stick artificial snow to almost any surface. Glucose and starch are the main components in the glue.

Flock is a fire retardant due to the safe adhesive. You are preventing harm rather than creating a risk.

Where can I obtain red bag flock?

Peak Seasons is the leading provider of Christmas supplies for artists, retail, and tree lots. Our signage helps tree lot owners stay competitive. We offer bulk flock for anyone looking to gain an edge or bring their version of Christmas to life.

Since the 1970s, Peak Seasons offered competitive prices on the best flocking guns, product, and marketing materials. Visit our easy and intuitive online shop to prepare for this season.

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