Hand Held Flocking Blower

Hand Held Flocking Blower

The chances are that you have gotten multiple questions about how you get your tree to look so efficiently flocked. If you happen to be on the other side of the issue, you may have wondered how some trees get to look so exquisite. The look will come after careful planning and proper investment in the flocking procedure. It will be messy for you to get around the flocking business without preparedness.

Equipment required to flock a Christmas tree

  • A hand held flocking blower
  • A large spray bottle
  • A kitchen stain for the colored flock
  • A drop cloth

Process of flocking a Christmas tree with a hand held flocking browser


The first decision step is to picture in what conditions you want the tree when you begin the flocking. Do you want the tree customized or in its raw form? Secondly, pick the most convenient flocking position. An open space will give you room work out the different angles from the ground and the upper position on a ladder. Use a drop cloth to minimize the mess on the floor.  

Another critical question is whether you want to flock the entire tree. Some people prefer to concentrate on the center of the tree while others cover the whole length and width. The result will determine whether you can work with the tree in its vertical position or a flat manner.

Collect the supplies

Peak Season is a nationally recognized manufacturer and seller of Christmas tree supplies and flock material. Purchase the desired flocking content and set it up to begin the procedure.

Fill the bottle with water and use a filter and powder to make the mist. Spray some water on the tree and follow up with the flocking powder. Cover the flock with water to seal the area and adhere the fluff. You can repeat the process until you get the right thickness of flock.

Tips of getting the most from the handheld flocking blower

  • Use the mini sno-blower to spray small and average-sized flock and the mighty sno-blower for bigger ones. The mini sno-blower is convenient in focusing intense colors on specific areas of the tree.

The Cadillac motor gears up the mighty sno-blower to accelerate snow coverage in bigger deeper and higher Christmas trees. It is also suitable in the creation of snow lumps that resemble the natural depositions by nature.

  • Consider taking off the lights off or prepare to wipe them off after the procedure.
  • Do not replace the flocking machine with one that will not disperse the powder in the designated manner. Our powders are for use with professional flocking machines.

How do hand held flocking blowers work?

The vibration from the hand held device forces the dense fiber to adhere to the tree with high pressure. Each strand adheres to the surface with different speeds; hence, the deposition will be uneven. Additionally, loose production of fibers will eventually migrate to other positions, and thus instigate the appearance of a rough surface.



Hand Held Flocking Blower
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