Cinco Stands

Cinco Stands

Christmas is never quite complete without a Christmas tree. A natural freshly cut Christmas tree requires a firm, reusable, and durable stand. Cinco stands by Peak Seasons are among the best tree stands in the market, with strength and durability being our top priority.

Our functionality-oriented production style brings out quality Christmas tree stands that look attractive and have excellent performance, versatility, and durability. We are located in Riverside, California, and we’re proud to be the most popular brand in the manufacturing of Christmas tree products in the United States.

Are you worried that the size of your Christmas tree is too large or too small? We have different stands that are tailored for all sorts of heights and thicknesses. Additionally, we have Christmas tree stand models with more screws for extra support if you have a heavy tree.

How Does a Christmas Tree Stand Work?

The stand gives support to your Christmas tree by giving it a wider base. Securing a Christmas tree on a stand requires at least two people; as one works on the stand, the other holds the tree.

To secure your tree on the stand, have someone hold it upright for you. Then, turn the clamping bolts bit by bit, ensuring even turns for each bolt. If the bolt turns are uneven, the tree will lose its upright position.

Unlike most stands in the market, Cinco stands come with a quick-release button that speeds up the process of setting up your Christmas tree. Our stands have a water reservoir that keeps your tree nourished. The stand also has an overflow basin which traps any water dripping from the reservoir, keeping your floor area clean and dry.

What Size of Christmas Tree Stand Do You Need?

For size, the tree stand should have an opening that is wide enough to accommodate about a 4 to 6-inch trunk diameter. That’s the approximate thickness of an average Christmas tree that has a height of 6 or 7 feet. All our stands support these sizes. We also have special stands for extreme dimensions.

Can You Use a Real Tree Stand for an Artificial Tree?

Putting an artificial tree in a Christmas tree stand is practiced in many homes nowadays. Most people prefer artificial trees for their re-usability over the natural Christmas tree. The standard Christmas tree stand is a little too big for artificial Christmas trees. Instead of purchasing another stand for your smaller artificial tree, placing conduit pieces around the base increases the tree's diameter making it easy to clamp. For added support, you can drill holes in the conduit pieces where the bolts pass through.

Get Your Strong Durable Christmas Tree Stand Today

Are you looking for the best Christmas tree stand? Our stands are attractive, offer unmatched stability, longevity, and value for your money. Our 'functionality first' manufacturing policy guarantees the product's performance beyond your expectation. Get in touch with our customer service on (800) 858-8733 for a free guide on the best Cinco stands for you.

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