Bulk Xmas Tree Netting

Bulk Xmas Tree Netting

The second half the year involves planning and going over hundreds of plans for the Christmas duration. Buying a Christmas tree will prompt you to think about its transportation. Peak Season provides netting materials to tree sellers.

Importance of bulk Xmas tree netting

  • Investing in the right equipment will ensure that your clients do protect the inside of their car during the tree’s transportation.
  • Another benefit of netting Christmas trees is that a truck owner who transports the bulk of products will not have a difficult time cleaning the space.
  • The tree will maintain its compact structure until you unwrap it at home.
  • You protect the safety of anyone who will get in the car and sit on the space. Fallen needles can prick and cause bodily harm.

How to execute bulk Xmas tree netting

  • Take measurements of the trees to determine which equipment will provide sufficient coverage. The dimensions will also guide you in picking the right size of transportation. Netting a bulk of trees will determine how much help you will need taking the trees of the car.
  • Watch the weather before heading over to your Christmas tree store. As a business owner, you can advise clients on the impending storms before they consider an immediate netting service.
  • Most importantly, invest in the right netting tools that will accommodate a bulk order of Christmas trees.

Peak Seasons sells all three fundamental requirements of a netting job. The twines, balling machines, and nets have different sizes that will suit variant heights and volumes of trees. A bulk Xmas tree netting will require different sizes of the equipment, to package each dimension of the tree stack.

How to choose the netting tools

Measure the height and width of the tree. The doubled sum of both dimensions should be the minimum width of the netting. No matter the final calculation, inline towards the more prolonged and broader nets. Peak Season has different net sizing ranging from 18 to 26 feet.

The netting machines vary between twenty-inch balers to 26-inch balers. The baler stand has a standard size that is scalable enough to accommodate different baler sizes. The only variations of the twine are the weights, due to different packed sizes.

How to transport bulk Xmas tree netting

A truck will accommodate a massive amount of trees, without causing damage to the car or endangering transportation. An average size stack will fit on the top of the vehicle’s rooftop. Fasten the rope that covers the bulk by pulling it through to the inside of the car. Wrap it from one end to the other for firm security.

A car such as an SUV may have enough cabin space to insert more tree nettings. Lay a blanket on the floor and pack the trees. The stumps ought to face outward to prevent damage by wind. Make sure that the branches do not obscure your view from the mirrors. Driving with any bulk of trees requires that you drive slow and more carefully to prevent small complications.


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