Peak Seasons is the number one manufacturer of Christmas tree lot supplies and Christmas tree flock in the United States.

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Peak Seasons has acquired the Tim Mitchell’s Yule Tree Stand Company

Tim Mitchell’s Yule Tree Stand Company has been manufacturing exceptional rebar stands and water bowls for over 50 years. The Mitchell family has earned a reputation of producing a quality product at a fair price and timely delivery.

These values are also Peak Seasons’ values. It’s one of the main reasons why we’ve purchased the Time Mitchell’s Yule Tree Stand Company. We welcome all the Mitchell customers and are excited to offer Tim Mitchell stands, along with the full line of Peak Seasons products, to all our customers.

We look forward to working with you to make your Christmas season spectacular!

Image of eleven christmas trees, all with different colored flock.

Premium Christmas Tree Flock


We are the makers of Sno-Bond™America’s best-selling Christmas tree flock. This easy-to-use ultra bright white flock is self-adhesive, fast drying and flame-retardant. All flock we carry can be enhanced with our vivid color and glitter additives for a truly customized look.

Featured Products

Product image of 5 quart nail on water bowl

5 Qt Nail on Water Bowl

$1.88 each, $94.00 case

Biodegradable Tree Removal Bag

$1.45 each, $34.80 case

Product image of medium easy out rebar stand

Medium Easy-Out Rebar Stand

$6.93 each, $34.65 case

Product image of scarecrows and pumpkin carving tools.

Veldsma & Sons


Veldsma & Sons Fall 2020 Products